All PDS class types are being conducted using our live, remote Interactive Web Class or a Home Study Course (for those who lack required internet/device or disabilities preventing participation in a live, remote class format).

To register for a PDS Interactive Web Class call PDS at 1-800-775-3220 (9 AM-5PM M-F) OR use PDS Self-Register.

To register for a Home Study Course please call PDS at 1-800-775-3220 (9 AM-5PM M-F).

About Our Classes

  • PDS provides Behavior Change Interventions using Evidence-Based Practices and Strength-Based methods.
  • Our classes aid the Class Participants in moving towards positive behavior change.
  • Class interaction is open and positive with meaningful discussions, and journaling exercises.
  • Topics include values, choices, changes, consequences, responsibility, offense-related instruction, self-belief, goal setting, and planning for the future.

Class Participants

  • PDS programs work as an aid to the process of personal positive change.
  • Classes involve the process of exploring and resolving challenges to making and keeping needed behavior changes.
  • Participants learn skills and strategies in support of "workable" choices and action over illegal and "unworkable" behaviors.
  • Participants receive a certificate upon successful completion of the class.
  • Classes are live, interactive, web-based, one-day, positive, intensive experiences .

Referring Agencies

  • PDS Overview Video
  • Programs offered by PDS are suitable referral resource interventions for all misdemeanor and most felony offenses.
  • Participants are referred to us by many agencies and officials committed to help bringing about positive changes in people to better their communities.
  • For information about using PDS programs in your area at no cost to counties or agencies, call PDS toll free at 1-800-775-3220.

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