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· Behavior Change Interventions Designed for Court Involved Participants

· Class types offered: Theft Intervention, Marijuana Awareness, Violence Intervention, Alcohol & Drug Awareness, Pathways To Change, and Driving Behavior Awareness

· PDS Web-Classes are facilitated live online by PDS Facilitators via Internet Conferencing Platform

· Participants engage in curriculum-based discussions with other Participants and guided by the PDS Class Facilitator during web-class sessions- Real people in real time.

PDS welcomes the opportunity to answer any questions and discuss how we can provide our programs to your agencies.

Evidence-Based Program Designed for Court Involved Defendants
PDS facilitated web classes utilize a delivery method that incorporates journaling and other Evidence-Based behavior change practices including the principles of Motivational Interviewing (Miller, Rollnick, et. al), the stages and processes of change from the Transtheoretical Model (Prochaska, et. al) and effective strategies found Acceptance & Commitment Theraputic Cognitive-Behavioral Model (Hayes et. al).

Toll-Free Phone Registration with Live Client Support
Program Coordinator available Mon. Fri. 9AM to 5PM. Calls returned within 24 hours. Call 1-800-775-3220. PDS sends class reminder texts, emails copy of each certificate of completion to the agencies.


Personal Development Seminars (PDS) behavior awareness and intervention courses and curriculum are designed to provide information and program material for educational purposes only. They are provided with the understanding that PDS administrators, facilitators, and curriculum authors and publishers are not engaged in providing professional medical, mental health or other therapeutic treatment and advice and should not be substituted for professional, psychological or therapeutic services. The courses and curriculum are intended to help educate, inform and enlighten individuals, or assist those already engaged in an education/intervention/corrections programming and services. If expert assistance is required, the services of a competent professional should be sought