Our Team

Bill E. Caffee
Founder (1931-2004)
Bill founded Personal Development Seminars (PDS) in 1991 in Lancaster, Texas. He set the tone and paved the way for our unique approach to working with the offender population. Known for his cheerful spirit, kindness, and humor, Bill instilled in those that worked for him a deep understanding that our Participants' attitude and behavior is greatly impacted by the positive rapport built by the class Facilitator. Bill served as Owner and Executive Director of PDS until his passing in late 2004.
Max Maurer
Owner and Executive Director
After coordinating and facilitating programs with PDS for six years on contract and two years as Regional Director, Max Maurer served as Executive Manager of PDS after the passing of Founder Bill E. Caffee in Nov. 2004. In 2006, Marfu Inc. entered into a purchase contract with the estate of Bill E. Caffee and acquired all PDS business assets. Max holds a degree in Criminology and Corrections from Sam Houston State University and worked as a Community Supervision Officer in Texas for 11 years, beginning in Dallas County CSCD followed by 9 years with Guadalupe County CSCD. Max currently divides his time promoting PDS programs working with Courts and Corrections Officials out in the field, and managing PDS from the administrative office in Seguin, TX.
Kim Burton
Registration Coordinator
PDS Registration Coordinators take incoming calls for class registration and answer questions from Participants and Referring Agency Personnel. (In a typical day, PDS receives in approximately 100 calls between 9AM and 5PM, most lasting average of 5 minutes).
Jennifer Maurer
Office Manager
Jen has been the phone voice of PDS since coming on board in September 2010 as Office Manager. In addition to enrolling Participants calling in on our toll-free phone line, Jen provides numerous administrative services including organization of the class schedules and locations, ordering and distributing class material, and providing pre and post-class information to Referring Agencies.