Home Study Course Help

Home Study Course Completion Interview by Video Call instead of mailing your completed journals back to PDS:

If you have a smart phone (iPhone, Android, etc.) with a camera and good internet speed, you can request to schedule and complete your Home Study Course follow up telephone interview with a PDS Facilitator using the Google Duo video calling app (Facetime is not an option). Call PDS to request video call instead of mailing journals 1-800-775-3220

Submitting Home Study Course work by email:

If you have high speed internet, an active email account, and either a smart phone with a camera or a computer and a flatbed document scanner, you might be able to schedule and complete your follow up telephone interview for your Home Study Course with a Facilitator without mailing your journals back to PDS.

The process involves

Step 1 - Complete the Participant Journals as instructed.

Step 2 - Check to make sure you have the equipment and the skill needed to:

a. Use your smartphone camera to take clear pictures of pages of your completed journals and attach them to an email.


b. Use your scanner to scan images of pages of your completed journals to your computer to attach to an email.

Step 3 - Call PDS at 1-800-775-3220 ext. 922 to get permission to submit journal pages by email instead of mail and receive assigned pages* of the fully completed journals to email. During this call you will be given an email address to send the page to for review.

Step 4 - Once you have received permission from PDS to submit course work by email and you know the assigned pages* to submit, take the pictures of the pages or scan the pages, attach them to an email to to the email address give to you by PDS during the call.
Please note that several and/or large file size of images might require sending more than one email. If so, please number your email (example "1 of 3, 2 of 3, 3 of 3") .

*PDS will give you very specific instructions about which page images to email to PDS.