Youth Classes

Teen & Parent Youth Classes

Teen & Parent Youth Programs offered by Personal Development Seminars (PDS), are suitable referral resource interventions for teens and young adults involved in illegal and/or inappropriate behaviors. These programs are suitable for teenaged participants 13 years of age or older. Those age 13 through 16 MUST be accompanied by a parent or other legal guardian who will also participate for the full class day. Teens 17 years old and older may attend without a parent or guardian.

Participants are frequently referred to our programs by Judges, Prosecutors, Probation, Family Protective Services, Private Attorneys, and other agencies and officials committed to help bring about positive change in the young Participants.

The class process allows class Participants to connect choice making to their thinking and feeling and to their values and intrinsic motivation for making positive behavior change. The program aids them in exploring and resolving their ambivalence about making or keeping needed changes in attitude and behavior with specific regards to problem behavior.

The positive and interactive group process and journaling exercises are highly effective in helping the Participants to recognize the need for and benefits of behavior change and evoking strong commitment to behavior change.