Teen & Parent Readiness To Change

Teen & Parent Readiness To Chage

The Teen & Parent Readiness to Change program helps the participant clarify their personal values, the gap between where they’ve been, where they are now, and where they wish to be/go in life. The focus is on choices and changes needed to set and achieve values-driven life goals. The material covers the thinking processes and cognitive strategies for making “workable choices”. It also includes participant exercises on managing their relationship with alcohol and drugs, high-risk situations, building a support network, and recognizing strengths and abilities. The program concludes with the participants creating their own Change Plan that is reviewed by the Class Facilitator. This program is a suitable referral resource for Truancy, Curfew Violation, Graffiti, Fighting on Campus, etc.

Our program is a one-day, Brief Intervention that utilizes a unique delivery method incorporating multiple Evidence-Based behavior change practices including The Change Companies’ trade-marked Interactive Journaling®, the principles of Motivational Interviewing (Miller, Rollnick, et. al), and effective cognitive strategies based on the Acceptance & Commitment Cognitive-Behavioral Model (Hayes et. al). The class discussions and Interactive Journaling® are highly effective in encouraging the participants to recognize the need for and benefits of behavior change. The class also provides introduction to skills to help participants make needed changes in attitude and behavior with specific regard to illegal behavior. All program Facilitators are certified through PDS and The Change Companies.

NOTE: Those Participant age 13 through 16 MUST be accompanied by a parent or other legal guardian who will also participate for the full class day. Teens 17 years old and older may attend alone.

Programs are 8-hour, one-day classes, held on a Saturday. Pre-registration is required. Contact PDS for Class Availability, Locations, and Fees.