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Referral Procedures

We greatly appreciate the referrals we receive from your office and your faith in our ability to help your clients make and keep positive changes in their lives.

  • PLEASE NOTE: Upon receipt of a referral form from a Referring Agency, PDS will register the Participant for the next available class, usually in the following month unless a class date is selected and noted on the referral form.
  • Be aware that classes are planned and prepared for based on the number of referral /registrations received and Participants become liable for reset fees when they miss a scheduled class.
  • Please help us avoid scheduling Participants for class dates they do not plan to attend by helping them select a class date when giving the referral.
  • When helping a Participant select a class date, please have them select a class date that is within 60 days of the date you are giving them the referral form and write the class date on the form.

*Schedules are Available for viewing/printing: Schedules

We recognize that not all defendants are given a hard deadline for program completion other than before their termination of probation date. While we are sensitive to the time lines set by the Courts, PDS must set certain requirements regarding the referral process and deadlines for attendance in order to remain a viable business offering classes on a routine and consistent basis in your area.

Your help in this matter will aid us greatly in accurately planning for classes in your area and can help prevent unexpected class cancellations. We need to have at least 5 in attendance on class day to hold the class. In order to make sure we have 5 on class day, we need to have 10 registered for class two weeks before the class date. We would like to be able to insure that those registered for a class date actually have an intention of attending so we don’t plan a class based on false numbers. Negotiating a class date within 90 days of the referral is the best way you can help us provide consistent programs in your area.

Thank you.

Max Maurer, Executive Director
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